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RE: [IP] E2 Batteries are Alkaline and not Lithium

Okay.  Ignore my previous post about this.  I'm a dimwit.  :-)

I was messing my "alkaline" with "acidic".  :-)  Alkaline DOES refer to a SET 
of elements.  Sorry...been a while since I had my chemistry.  ;-)

 You may go about your business. There is nothing more to see here. You may go
about your business.


>I find it odd that "lithium" is compared to "alkaline".  Alkaline is NOT an 
>element like Lithium is.  Alkaline is a chemical PROPERTY.  You can use any 
>number of elements/molecules that are "alkaline" in property...and similarly, 
>you can have a chemical property of "basic" (the opposite of alkaline).  
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