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[IP] Berstein. Gastroparesis and Pump - Fran?


I want to try Dr. Richard Berstein's low-carb diet or maybe something 
Atkinesque to lower my blood sugars.  My gastro-paresis comes and goes and I 
usually don't have to take Domperidone for it [which I get from England or 
Canada since Propulsid's been off the market].

My problem is the Humalog insulin acts too rapidly and I go low beforet my 
low carb food  kicks in.  The endo says not to use Regular in the pump.  So 
I've been injecting tiny meal boluses, which works fine if I can see the 
darn measurement - you know 1/2 unit or less.

Exercise can be an issue too-  I was 100 when I got to the gym, so I popped 
3 glucose tabs and did a few weights - when I checked before I got on the 
bike, 35 minutes later I started feeling low - I was 109, waited 15 minutes, 
same reading - I left.  An hour later I was 180.

I thought after nearly 40 years I'd have this disease down pat. No dice.   
I've taken to chewing gum, doing yoga abdomen pumping after meals, digestive 
enzymes, high fiber - low fiber. Any thoughts?
Oh and I'm allergic to Reglan.

Clueless in Arkansas,

Dianne De Mink, Type I for nearly 40 years, is working on a book about diet 
and nutrition.

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