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RE: [IP] E2 Batteries are Alkaline and not Lithium

Okay, this is completely unrelated to IP...but...

I find it odd that "lithium" is compared to "alkaline".  Alkaline is NOT an 
element like Lithium is.  Alkaline is a chemical PROPERTY.  You can use any 
number of elements/molecules that are "alkaline" in property...and similarly, 
you can have a chemical property of "basic" (the opposite of alkaline).  

I wonder why batteries are "alkaline" versus "lithium", etc.  It seems that 
nearly all batteries OTHER than alkaline batteries are based on the element or 
 molecule. FOr example, rechargables are often Nickel-metal Hydride, which is a
specific chemical makeup, regardless of the chemical property.

Anyhow just pondering this.  It sounds like the e2 batteries make use of 
Titanium in some amount while remaining alkaline in property in order to 
improve its longevity.


>Jan C asked it  e2 batteries are lithium.
>I have been curious about these batteries since reading about them on the IP.
>This afternoon I bought a package and have it before me.  They are alkaline
>batteries.  and the label is emblazoned with the notation "Titanium
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