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[IP] Reisa and Lori

My heart goes out to you during this stressful time.  My mom died at home in 
hospice care from multiple strokes a couple of months ago and I finally had 
to just take a couple of days off and hire outside help, to settle my self.  
I just went to my apartment took a Xanax and slept.   Exhaustioin had played 
a big part in my inability to cope like others.

Dealing with the diabetes is as  challengin as ever.  I increased my 
temporary basal rate at the first sign of unexplained highs and set a small 
kitchen timer (that I carried around with me) to remind me to eat and check 
blood sugars.  I ate a lot of LUNA bars and packed my purse and car with 
tons of supplies, as I wasn't sure if I'd even be staying at my own place.

After her death I was amazed at the releif I felt and made it a point to 
slow down (and of course I went to 4 doctors in one week, including the endo 
and podiatrist [I'd sprained my ankle somewhere in the course of events and 
started a foot ulcer] plus getting my hair cut and a massage.  I took up 
yoga again to calm me and enrolled in a drawing class for fun and 

I can't say I'm jubilant but I'm certainly fine.  Blood sugars are higher 
than usual - about 140- but I'm just letting that be okay for now. I believe 
mom's spirit lives on and am blessed with the gift of peace.  I truly 
believed I'd be in a devastating depression now -- went to see my shrink - 
am taking Prozac - but I've been using it for awhile.

Am working on  lowering those blood sugars now.  I send my love and best 
wishes.  I try to remember that life isn't going to be any different than it 
is, although my response to it can be.  And also that as soon as you think 
you've got it wired, it throws you a curve ball.

Take care,

Dianne De Mink, Type I for nearly 40 years, is working on a book about diet 
and nutrition.

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