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Re: [IP] RE: Paradigm Upgrade

Actually, no.  The 511 was CAPABLE, mechanically speaking, of delivering .05 
units. This was documented on diabetesnet.com, for example. This was to 
accommodate the U-200 insulin.  However, the software implemented in the 511 
only allowed setting basal rates by .1 unit increments.  The mechanicals have 
not changed...just the software.

But, you are right...doing a .1 one hour and 0.0 the next would be a way to 
accomplish .05 units/hour on the 511 without the software upgrade.


>If it is NOT a mechanical change, then it is STILL delivering 0.1 
>units (U-100) per stroke.   All the rest is just the semantics of the 
>software.   So if you wanted to receive 0.05 an hour, you would basal 
>0.1 one hour and 0.0 the next to have the "equivalent" of 0.05 per 
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