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[IP] Re:eye bubble surgery

    The medical facility(hospital) should have some of the 
eye-bubble-surgery furniture for rent. I have even seen it in the retina
doc's office. The people in either of those places should know where you can
go for help and equipment if they don't stock the stuff.
     My 90 year old mother-in-law regretted not renting for her 2 week
recovery period.                 Peter
> Karen just had a vitrectomy done in her right eye and she asked me to post a
> question the group.  The doctor found a "hole" in her retina and secured it
>  with some lazer so that it would heal closed. He told us that it may be due
> the repeated hemorages she has experienced along with the healing of the
>  earlier lazer treatments he has performed. The lazer has done it's job and
> retinopathy is in check.  Very good news.
> The tough news was how she needs to behave so that the "hole" heals properly.
>  He injected air into the eye instead of fluid to replace the vitrious gel.
> She will have to keep her head and eyes (pupils) to the floor for the next
> month so that the gas bubble keeps the right pressure on her retina and the
>  "hole" heals closed. Karen has asked me to post the question -
> Jack
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