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Re: [IP] RE: Paradigm Upgrade

At 1:26 PM +0000 8/26/03, email @ redacted wrote:
>That isn't a mechanical change either.  The 511 was capable of delivering .05
>  increments, but wasn't programmed to do so. If you follow back the 
>of the Paradigm, you'll find that MM was hoping to have a U-200 insulin
>available.  That didn't come to be.  But, in order to handle U-200, the pump
>was capable of dosing to the equivilent of .05 units of U-100 insulin.  Now,
 > why in the world they decided NOT to allow .05 increments despite the lack of
>U-200 insulin, I have no idea.  But, it is NOT a mechanical difference in the
>pumps...just a software change.

If it is NOT a mechanical change, then it is STILL delivering 0.1 
units (U-100) per stroke.   All the rest is just the semantics of the 
software.   So if you wanted to receive 0.05 an hour, you would basal 
0.1 one hour and 0.0 the next to have the "equivalent" of 0.05 per 

George    :>)
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