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Re: [IP] Clogged Cannula

I had a friend that had the same problem. She started changing his site 
everyday to every other day instead of every three days. Also I noticed 
that my 6yr old gets that white stuff if shes outside in the heat alot. 
She also had problems with the sites bending with the Mini Med 
quicksets. I called MM & they said if you have them lay down flat (no 
pillow) & pull the skin tight like with your thumb & pointer finger were 
your going to insert, then insert with the opposit hand it works really 

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>My son Anthony is  2 1/2 ys. of age.  Started on the MM Paradigm in April.  
>Had many problems with the cannula getting clogged.  Could actually see a 
> whitish looking chunk in the middle part of the cannula. So, the CDE figured
 >since MM does not deliver anything less than 0.1 that it could be the reason.
>Times at night he would get 0.0.  So, with less pumping going on the insulin 
>is not moving quickly enough.   
>So, we switched to the Animas this past August.  Have had a few bent cannulas 
>that we arent happy about.  At 3pm today , I check him and he was 413!!!! 
 >Hasnt been that high in a long time. So, I decided to change the site. Did a
> correction at 12 pm because he was high then , too so I knew it was the site.
>Took out the cannula and saw a large chunk of white in the cannula.  Couldnt 
>believe it.  We have already tried Novolog in the past and it didnt work.  It 
>seems as if the insulin is crystallizing.  Cant really imagine what else it 
>could be.  Any suggestions?
>Krista, Mom to Anthony 2  1/2  Dx'd 8/25/02 Pumping Animas 8/03, MM 4/03  
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: