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Re: [IP] Clogged Cannula

My son Anthony is  2 1/2 ys. of age.  Started on the MM Paradigm in April.  
Had many problems with the cannula getting clogged.  Could actually see a 
 whitish looking chunk in the middle part of the cannula. So, the CDE figured
since MM does not deliver anything less than 0.1 that it could be the reason.  
Times at night he would get 0.0.  So, with less pumping going on the insulin 
is not moving quickly enough.   
So, we switched to the Animas this past August.  Have had a few bent cannulas 
that we arent happy about.  At 3pm today , I check him and he was 413!!!! 
Hasnt been that high in a long time.  So, I decided to change the site.  Did a 
 correction at 12 pm because he was high then , too so I knew it was the site.
Took out the cannula and saw a large chunk of white in the cannula.  Couldnt 
believe it.  We have already tried Novolog in the past and it didnt work.  It 
seems as if the insulin is crystallizing.  Cant really imagine what else it 
could be.  Any suggestions?

Krista, Mom to Anthony 2  1/2  Dx'd 8/25/02 Pumping Animas 8/03, MM 4/03  
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