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[IP] just started pumping today, woohoo

Hi guys,

I just started pumping today! I am using the paradigm 512 with the BD logic
blood glucose monitor. This is my first time posting to the group and I don't
think my profile has went out so here goes.

My name is Jen I am 38 my husband Jeff is 40. We have no children but we do
have 3 cats, 1 dog, and various fish and frogs that live in our water gardens.

I have had diabetes for around 15 years that I managed very well with
utralente as basal and regular for bolus until about 2 years ago. My family
Dr. suggested various things but nothing helped. I finally seen an
endocrinologist last year and he switched me to lantus but kept the regular
this took care of all the lows but then I was running high! I got so disgusted
at having a 104 blood sugar at bedtime and waking to 300+ over and over.

My endocrinologist suggested the pump and gave me some videos to watch before
my next app. I said yes pumping sounded like the ideal solution to my blood
sugar woes.  I got the pump Aug. 5 and had my first in person class today and
actually got to start pumping. I had went to mini med pump school online and
played with pump before going to the diabetes treatment center. My knowledge
of carb counting, my own insulin sensitivity ratio, and how to treat highs and
lows convinced them to let me start pumping after only one class.

I love the bolus wizard and the meter that sends results right to pump. I got
the blue pump and the meter is blue also for those who enjoy color-coordinated
thingees. ;-) My first blood sugar with pump was 101. I know time and patience
will be needed to tell me what adjustments will be needed for an average of
100 around the clock most of the time, anyways lol.  I have took enough of
everyone's precious time so until next time --->happy pumping.

Thanks everyone, jen
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