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Re: [IP] Re:weight

 Subject: Re:
I have heard that the Atkin's diet is BAD for diabetics as you need to have
Ketones to lose weight.
Lynn S.

Hi Lynn S.

There is often a confusion about ketosis and ketoacidosis, which is a
dangerous condition.

But the reality is, that Atkins just makes you eat more foods that fill you
up more quickly, therefore, you eat fewer calories, therefore, you burn more
calories than you eat, therefore, you lose weight.

For me, who's been on the diet for more than 6 years, with absolutely no ill
effects, with an A1C of 5.8 in July, controlling my weight and having lost
more than 80 pounds, happily pumping with very few lows and using as little
insulin as possible, I am a very happy camper with Atkins.  But as always,
your mileage may vary!


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