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[IP] re: Stress and death etc.

Reisa wrote:
From: "R. Kersting" <email @ redacted>

Subject: [IP] stress? how to deal ..

guys, i'd appreciate a bit of help before

this really gets to me. (which i have no control over)

i'm facing a pending death of my mother who has

bladder/kidney cancer. we're looking at 3-4 days max.

I have a 16yr old i'm going to have to deal with

also that will be grieving, along with myself. stupid

question maybe.. but i know my bg soars when i'm

stressed and crying. how much or how can i calculate

a rate change to deal with the bg's when it starts to

happen? because I know i'm not going to be able

to sit and logically think about it then, i'd like to have

it printed out my plan of attack.

if anything, hubby will pester me to keep track and

control and help when needed.

thanks for any advice.


I am answering on my own behalf, as my dearest stepfather just passed away
this Saturday night of lung cancer, very peacefully thank goodness, but he
was suffering awful.  anyway, Stress.  Wow.  I had problems with lows, only
because I cried so much that I guess I was exercising in a way (??).  don't
ask, I am odd, but anyway, had to use my temp basals for quite a bit.  Then
we have been at my mom's cleaning the house for her for all the company and
food and all that, and of curse that too lowered the old bg, so I have saved
about a cartridge full of insulin in the past 3 days.  Hell of a way to do

Reisa, I wish you the best, and just remember, you have to take care of
yourself, also.


Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted
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