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Re: [IP] arrgghh!!!!!/Diabetes and Hospital Staff

    Re: [IP] arrgghh!!!!!/Diabetes and Hospital Staff
You are so very right in telling everyone about YOU and what kind of Care
you need In Hospital!!

I was thinking of the surgeries, (16) so far I have had over the almost
23yrs of being on a insulin pump. My endo told me you know your body and how
to use your pump better than anyone so "You take care of it" so I have but
once when I was so drugged from the pain meds, I didn't know up or down or
day or night... hey tried for 3 days.. 20 to 600's on the three day until my
endo got back intown, he stop into see me... 30 minute later I was back on
my own pump with the so call CDE/PA stand there getting YELL AT as she
helped me prime my pump... when came in everytime I had to make a change to
my rates or sets... She stay at hospital for about 50 hours until my brain
cleared and I could do the numbers myself. Never seen my Endo so MAD over
that time...  It was when we wrote up a ER Letter... and a Standing Order
for my file and me to keep with me. Over the years have add abit more to the
letter ... there was something posted in ADA Forcast that I add. If you have
Word I can send you copy, or as a text file..some is lost but you will get
the idea.
    Everytime I go see any of my doc's I give them a copy and ask them is
there anything I need tp add/remove.
   By the  way my standing order is still in my file...even with new endo...

Rodney F. Mead, Jr. Standing Order:
    Rodney is in control of his own care for his Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Rodney has been train in the best care for his Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, in
the use of a glucose meter and insulin pump, and has the skills need for his
control of his blood sugars.
*DO NOT DISCONTINUE PUMP without giving insulin by another means. Otherwise,
Rodney will have no insulin and will develop ketoacidosis. If pump is
discontinued, Rodney will immediately need Regular Insulin, donot give
Rodney any type of long acting insulin.
*Blood glucose measurements used to determine bolus adjustments must be
current. It's much safer to make adjustments from Rodney's reading than to
wait for blood glucose results from the lab. Rodney has been trained to do
this, and routinely does 15 times a day, so it is second nature to him.
*The exceptions to this rule are if there is a doubt about Rodney's ability
to perform intelligently or if there is concern about the accuracy of the
glucose meter.
*If Rodney has an infection or is under stress, blood glucose levels may go
up. Continuing the basal dose and covering high blood glucose levels with
boluses is a reasonably safe way of doing things.

I can tell you this many other doctors doNOT like it that I tell them this
is now I take care of me, about a month ago I burned my stomach... second
degree over a 9" area ... I was seen in ER and the burn center and everyone
of them did not like that I was in control of my DM and pump... but they all
told me my burn heal and looks the best of all the diabetic they have seen.

So I guess I did learn a few things, when I was train on my pump and how to
control my diabetes, to the best that I can for me.

                                         REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY


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