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[IP] pump, meters cell phones and store alarms -WHY

In a message dated 8/26/03 2:28:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> On another note, a while back there was a post from some lady that said her
> >pump set the alarm off at Walmart that created allot of controversy on the
> >list. Well guess what, mine did for the first time in a Walmart that I
> >frequent quite often.
> >At first I thought maybe one of my boys had grabbed something that I didn't
> >see or pay for. But after having them walk back through the detector they
> >were clean. So I handed my bag to the crack security man and walked
> >through, alarm goes off again. I then quickly handed my pump to my oldest
> >son and walked through and no alarm. He then walked through with the pump
> >in his hand and alarm sounded. Went back the following day and nothing
> >happened, Go figure huh.
> >
> >One more thing the new batteries from Eveready called e2 are the best I
> >have found yet. I got 6 weeks from my first one!
> >
> >Mike Chambers
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I ALWAYS set off store alarms when I go in the store and when I leave.  It is 
so annoying.  Recently I tried handing my husband my pocketbook which had my 
cell phone and meter in it.  When I walked in the store I did not set off the 
alarm.  I came out and did not set off the alarm.  I then went through it with 
just my pump and my meter and I did not set it off.  I then went through it 
with everything and I set it off.  The combination of the pump, meter and cell 
phone set it off.  I do believe that each store is different.  Sometimes one 
 thing sets it off other times it is the combination of things. II do know that
I have never had anything that belonged to the store that I did not pay for.  
I have also checked my pocketbook itself to make sure that there was nothing 
left in it from when I bought it that might set the alarms off.  I have also 
changed pocketbooks often.   I understand that businesses need to protect 
 themselves from theft. Their merchandise should be coded to match the scanner
the door and not interfere with thing that DON'T belong to them.  I consider 
 this an invasion of privacy and would like to do something about it. I am sick
of explaining all my personal business.

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