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Re: [IP] stress? how to deal ..

Oh, my. 
I am so sorry to hear what your family is dealing with at this time. Please 
 accept my deepest sympathy for you and your family, though I know at this time,
it isn't much help.

Do you have a close friend that can be with you during this time? If so, and 
if the friend understands your diabetes and pump, have her "take" over for 
 you...testing every hour or two, and setting temp basals or extended boluses to
help keep you on balance. Your husband could do this, but it would be great if 
you had a caretaker for yourself, as your husband will be dealing with the 
loss as well. 
Just keep your pump clipped on a belt, or somewhere that is easily accessible 
for your assistant. 

Just know that you always have friends here at IP to talk with and listen, as 

Tina H.
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