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Re: [IP] Allergies and insulin needs

I have pretty bad allergies in the spring and fall (the last week has been 
pretty bad, for some reason).  I take Allegra now, but for the past several 
years would only take Benedryl if absolutely necessary.

Anyhow, I have noticed no correlation between my allergy symptoms and BGLs.  I 
have little doubt that it can happen...but it just hasn't been the case for 

 The only time that allergies have affected my BGLs was when I developed a sinus
infection as a RESULT of the allergies...but, then it really was the infection 
that was the problem, not the allergies themselves.

Anyhow, just giving an "other side of the coin" perspective.


>Hi everybody, does anyone know if allergies can have any affect at all on
>the amount of insulin a person needs. Six weeks ago I needed to increase my
>basal rate by about 66% and also make changes in my insulin/carb ratio, but
>there seemed to be no obvious reason for any of this. Nothing in my life had
>changed as far as exercise, stress, general health, etc. except that, at the
>time this started, my allergies (hay fever) started to become much worse.
>Maybe it's nothing more than a coincidence that these two things happened at
>the same time, but I thought I would at least ask.
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