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RE: [IP] Allergies and insulin needs

Allergies can affect glucose control to a great degree, which is why I
switched from MDI to the
pump this year. This past spring, in our area, we had one of the worst
allergy seasons on record and I lost total control of my sugars and this
wasn't the first time. If allergy is serious enough, it acts as another
stressor on the body and your insulin needs will increase during allergy
seasons. My insulin needs practically double during the seasons but taking
the right antihistamines will help decrease these requirements. This will
also, for me, affect the insulin to carb ratio with known food allergens,
such as wheat, making it much more difficult to cover.

When I saw the allergist recently, I asked about the fact that I also seem
to become insulin resistant when I take a big spike due to a reaction to
food. He said they were finding out that
chemicals given off by the body during a reaction indeed add to resistance.
As an example, my usual correction is 1 unit to 60-65 points. However, say I
eat some form of wheat, take a glucose spike due to the reaction, and try to
correct.....I only get maybe 20 points to 1 unit of insulin.

Besides taking Allegra or Zyrtec (which I can't seem to take and stay awake)
I also take Zantac
twice a day as it acts like an antihistamine for the inside of the body.
When you think of how
allergies can affect glucose control, think "sick-days".....:) When I first
went to my endocrinologist and he looked over the thyroid tests, then the
diabetes.....when he got to the allergy test results he about broke into a
laugh and said "I bet you've had some fun explaining your behavior between
the diabetes and allergies". Enough said? Allergies can affect your sugars
something awful so you may be on the right track here.


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Hi everybody, does anyone know if allergies can have any affect at all on
the amount of insulin a person needs. Six weeks ago I needed to increase my
basal rate by about 66% and also make changes in my insulin/carb ratio, but
there seemed to be no obvious reason for any of this. Nothing in my life had
changed as far as exercise, stress, general health, etc. except that, at the
time this started, my allergies (hay fever) started to become much worse.
Maybe it's nothing more than a coincidence that these two things happened at
the same time, but I thought I would at least ask.

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