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Re: [IP] Insurance and Batteries

 We get Jenny's batteries with our regular order from Animas. We have
never paid a penny. I don't know if the batteries are covered by
insurance or if Animas is just covering them. I am so grateful for our
wonderful insurance.


George Lovelace wrote:

  On 25 Aug 2003 at 9:34, email @ redacted <email @ redacted> wrote:

    I am wondering if anyone's insurance company pays for their batteries?
     I am 
     confused as to why my insurance company doesn't see them as
     DME(Durable Medical
    Equipment). I cannot use my pump without batteries.
    Andy Johnson  

  Back when I was on the H-trons which do require a "special battery pack", they
   covered by insurance. But when you go with a pump like the Animas, where the
   can be bought "over the counter", the insurance will refuse to pay as the
  batteries could be
  used for other purposes (yeah, like were all 'time bomb' makers or something)

  I now buy my 357's at http://www.sr44.com where you get fresh Everreadys for
   a piece in the 25 pack. Those batteries lasted about 14 weeks in my pump.

  George    :>)
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