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RE: [IP] New one for us

Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 23:16:55 EDT
>>The tough news was how she needs to behave so that the
"hole" heals properly.
She will have to keep her head and eyes (pupils) to the
floor for the next
month so that the gas bubble keeps the right pressure on her
retina and the
 "hole" heals closed. Karen has asked me to post the
question - Has anyone else
been through this and are there any pointers to help in
keeping the pupils
 towards the floor in everyday life? ...

Jack, I think Karen needs "blinder" like race horses wear.
Best idea I can come  up with is, during waking hours is to
wear a dark baseball cap pulled down to the eyebrow level.
As for sleeping on the stomach, she could try a pillow at
the bend of the hips and another under the ankles. You might
be helpful to provide a back massage for a few nights in a
row, to help the adjustment in the new sleep position. Karen
might begin to like that one.  (I am not kidding.)

When in doubt, check with the physician. You might also
suggest that they give instructions and suggestions for
following the "rules" instead of a list of do's and don'ts?
This isn't how people normally function, and it is very easy
to reflexively move into old habits when not even thinking
about them.

All the best for a good recovery!

Barbara A. Bradley
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