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[IP] Possible to use a metal needle infusion set with MiniMed Paradigm 512?

 It has been years since, I have posted on the board. I have been on insulin
pump therapy since April 1999 with a pair of Disetronic H-TRONplus V100s.
Disetronic mailed a letter announcement required by the FDA, which included a
statement about the possibility of over or under delivery of insulin. Now, I am
trying to decide what to do.


 I would like to switch and not do business with Disetronic anymore. In my
opinion (which isn't too important...), Disetronic hasn't taken very good care
of their customers. The recent letter announcing the FDA finding was fuzzy and
it wasn't clearly stated how they would be taking care of their customers.
Before this it was the waterproof issue with the H-TRON, now there are more
issues. After Roche purchased Disetronic they could have stepped up to the plate
and taken care of the customers, but instead they choose to continue with the
same trend.


 My first choice would be MiniMed's Paradigm 512, but it can't officially be
used with a metal needle infusion set. I can't use any other type of infusion
set except the metal needle. (Yes, I have tried every variety, shape and size of
the non-metal infusion sets and they won't work. I have also been to four top
diabetes centers for a solution to this issue.) Does anyone know of a way to
improvise Paradigm, so a metal needle infusion set can be used with it? Right
now, I am using Disetronic's Rapid D infusion set, which is a metal needle with
a disconnect on the tubing.


Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Andrea Seitz

email @ redacted

Type I Diabetes 34 of 37 yrs.

Pumping 4 yrs.

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