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Re: [IP] Medical billing

I have to agree with you , that some errors are begun in the doc's billing
office, missed info, codes or wrong company/address/policy/group

but, on the other side of the coin, if an insurance company gets 10 or 20%
of the 'wrongly denied' claims (those that get paid when/if you call/submit
more info/refile) paid by 'less than knowledgeable about their insurance,
(because of lawyer talk and loopholes) individuals, just think how much
money they would make :-)  I am *SURE* (seeing how many I do the call and it
is 'of course, we should have paid that' and it gets paid promptly) that
there must be some benefit to this tactic <VBG>

I may be barking up the wrong tree, but some years back wasn't there a law
passed concerning the length of time for turn around on medical claims and
bills (maybe it was with Medicare/Medicaid rather than private?)  If I
recall, it was something about 30 day turn around

Funny thing, A therapist we saw with our kids told us that the law was for
30 day turnaround, and she had discovered that Medicaid (foster care driven
in our case) would automatically deny a claim (within the 30 days) and
request more info, her office would resubmit the claims, that were filled
out properly the first time, and the second go round, they got paid.....she
said that after reviewing the claim to make sure that it was correct,
knowing how long Medicaid delayed payments, they began to suspect that they
were getting an automatic denial, and sure enough, they did...in teresitng

This was in our case, and with one provider, but I *DO* know that it took
that same Medicaid office/agency over 2 yrs to finally pay a
bill...........wonder how much interest your money earns each month that you
delay paying medical bills if you are an insurance company or state agency
like Medicaid/Medicare?  these 2 seem to take forever to settle things, and
woe to the poor doctor trying to pay rent :-)


----- Original Message -----
>  I find a lot of mistakes still originate at the doctor's office,
>  they put the wrong diagnosis code, etc. It gets to be so frustrating. I
> make it my full-time job, practically, in handling medical bills!
> Ryan
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