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RE: [IP] Re: New Insulin in New Reservoirs

>I do know that prefilling syringes can pose a similar
problem with crystals forming.

Home care nurses, for the past several years,  have
instructed family members to pre-draw insulin for storage in
the refrigerator. Syringes should be stored with the needle
in an upright position to decrease the possibility of
insulin crystallizing in the needle.  IF anyone is
prefilling their syringes, then please store these in such a
manner. Since you'll be using this in the pump, the needle
would be removed anyway, so that is not the issue.

The posts on this topic had implied or stated that the
insulin is degraded or potency is lost. I am still wanting
to locate documentation via clinical research studies. There
are frequent posts that tell people to do or not do
something, that have no clinical research facts or reference
criteria attached, especially when the statements provided
are new information to many readers.

It is my opinion, and I don't think I am alone in this one,
that we should not be perpetuating old information.

Barbara A. Bradley
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