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Re: [IP] Help with basal rate

On Monday, August 25, 2003,  "gdonohue" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>> When I used a 508 MM I would have the pump set .1 the first half hour
>> and 0 the second half hour. This in effect gives you .05 an hour

and  George <email @ redacted> responded
> Sorry Gail, but that formula just does not work.  That is unless MM
> has drastically redesigned it's pumps to do something other than a
> 0.1 delivery.

George, it looks to me (from the MM website) like the new MM does use 
an 0.05 basal increment, pulsed in the same way that the 0.1 was in the 
previous MM pumps (so that 0.6 units/hour would come in 0.05 increments 
every 5 minutes, and an 0.05 units/hour rate would come in one 0.05 
increment per hour).  Can anyone who knows more about it confirm this?

But I agree, there is no way the 508 can give you 0.05 units in an hour 
because the smallest amount it can give at one time is 0.1 units.  
However, it could average 0.5/unit per hour by giving 0.1 in one hour 
and 0.0 in the next hour.

Linda Z
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