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[IP] RE: Paradigm Upgrade

Here is what I can tell you for certain...

There is absolutely NOTHING in the 512 pump features that can't be handled by 
the 511 pump from a mechanical standpoint.  There is no reason to believe that 
there is ANY mechanical change from the 511 to the 512. The 511 mechanicals 
were capable of delivering .05 basal increments...but the software did not 
 enable this. The 511 mechanicals allowed it to communicate with a Pump via RF,
but the software didn't allow for it.

So, the 512 is simply a software upgrade to the 511.  If you have a 511, you 
have the same pump as the 512, just without the latest software.

Now, it is POSSIBLE that MM could have made updates to the hardware for other 
things not advertised.  For example, perhaps they decided to add FLASH memory 
to resolve the loss of settings due to battery failure issue, etc.  But, 
 frankly, I doubt this is the case. I think the point of the 511 model was that
it was supposed to be able to grow, via software.

The only "change" I've seen from a hardware standpoint is that the 512 isn't 
offered in the charcoal color as the 511 was.  It is offered, instead, in 
something like "Smoke" or whatever.  But, that is simply a new case color, 
which is cheap and easy to replace from a manufacturing standpoint.

If your friend wants the 512, she will have to turn in her 511 and pay the 
upgrade price, unless MM decides to make a special exception.


>Need this answered for a friend--
>so, if you have your second or third pump, and it still isn't working, what
>are your options? Is the pump that is out as the 512, the exact same pump or a
>newer design?
>My friend has a non-working 511, but she held on to it for a long time and
>they said she cant do anything now because she promised to send it back and
>keep using her 508 (still under warranty.) She wants the whole new package for
>no charge.........
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