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[IP] Paradigm low battery/low reservoir question

 That is peculiar. I, just recently, had a low battery alarm, and then a couple
hours later, got a low reservoir alarm.  But, in my case, that was because my 
reservoir was low!  :-)

When you press the "Esc" key, I always see the current applicable alarm 
messages.  So, in my case above, when I pressed "Esc" the first two lines 
read "Low Battery" and "Low Reservoir".  When I replaced the battery, it just 
said, "Low Reservoir".  The circles always remained, however.

I would recommend reporting the problem to MM.  You may have uncovered a 
software bug that they should know about, or perhaps already know about and 
have fixed (who knows).  Even if you don't trade in your Paradigm for a 
 replacement, it would benefit others presuming that MM either has or eventually
does fix the bug.

If you do call about it, however...I suggest that you write down as much 
possible detail as you can about the situation, including details as to when 
 the last reservoir change was, when the last battery change was, etc. THe more
details they have, the better chance they can find the problem.

One last thing to consider (and I'm only suggesting this because it happens to 
me) is think about what happened and make ABSOLUTELY sure that you really saw 
 what you think you saw. I'm not saying you didn't...only that, there have been
 times where I was ABSOLUTELY certain of something, only to realize later that I
had been mistaken.  (I can't blame old age, unfortunately...so I'll just blame 
it on being diabetic. ;-)


>Last week I refilled my pump on Friday morning.  Friday night, I noticed
>it said "Low Reservoir" when I hit the ESC button.  It didn't have the
empty circles that you normally see with a low reservoir, and I didn't
>have the alarm.  My battery had been in for over 2 weeks, and I hadn't
>gotten a "Low Battery" alarm.  Just for the heck of it, I changed the
>battery, and the "Low Reservoir" went away.  Is this normal?  I didn't
>call MiniMed, because, frankly, I don't want a refurbished 511.  I would
>be upset if I traded my perfectly working Paradigm (OK, except that it
>said "Low Reservoir" when it wasn't low) for one that might start giving
>me E21 alarms.  I'm constantly playing with my pump, and hitting ESC to
>see the time, and to see how much insulin is remaining.  I've never
>noticed the "Low Reservoir" notice before, just wondering if it's
>happened to anyone else.  If it's an early indicator that my battery is
>about to go, that's OK, since I'd rather change it when it's convenient,
>instead of having a "Low Battery" alarm in the middle of the night or at
>some other inconvenient time.
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