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Re: [IP] Fw: Paradigm upgrade

Why? Because you haven't paid for the upgrade.  

Believe it or not, software costs money to develop...a lot of money.  And, in 
 the medical industry, it is even more expensive because it must go through more
testing, etc.  I know, I'm a Software Engineer by profession in the embedded 
software industry.

I mean, you won't see most software companies out there giving you free 
upgrades to their software if you run into a problem.  You will typically only 
 ever get software UPDATES, which are bug fixes. To get upgrades of software in
commercial software means you have to pay an upgrade price.

In the case of the pump, you have both a hardware and a software component.  
The Paradigm 512 and the 511 are identical when it comes to mechanical 
hardware, but it has a software update.  So, to get a 511 upgraded to the 512, 
you would pay the software upgrade.  Buying a new pump, however, they likely 
will only sell the latest software, as is the case for most software companies.

In your case, I would upset having had 4 separate Paradigms...but I see 
absolutely NO reason to extend a warranty due to the software upgrade since it 
is still based on date of purchase of the HARDWARE, plus I see no reason for 
them to automatically give upgrades.  They may, for business reasons, do 
it...but I expect that they want to recoup the development costs of the 


>If only my first pump hadn't died until 1 month left on the warranty!  And
>if the 512 is simply an upgrade in software, why not just send me one out
>the NEXT time I have to get a rebuilt?  I mean, I just got another rebuilt
>on Friday, so why do I still have 511 software?
>Sharon (dx DM 9/00) & Nabs (MM 511 01/03)
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