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Re: [IP] low all day

Hi Laurie,

> Also I would wait a few days to see what happens before making too
> many changes. Even on the pump I have days of being either too low
> or too high without explanation.

I humbly suggest that instead of waiting for a few days, you try
waiting a few hours and modifying your basal rate as needed.

I had "bad days" when I was on MDI. The pump has enabled me to react
very quickly to basal (and other) changes so that the bad times are
limited to hours.

If I wake up with an unexplained high bg, I can safely assume my basal
needs to be raised (YMMV). I can calculate how much very simply by
dividing the bg elevation by my hyperglycemic correction factor (HCF)
and then by the time in hours.

Let's take an example. Let's say I ate a normal dinner, had a bg of
100 mg/dl when I went to bed at 11 p.m., but woke up at 7 a.m. with a
bg of 250 mg/dl. Also, let's say my basal is currently 1.0 u/hr and my
HCF is 50 mg/dl-u (which means that one unit of insulin normally
lowers my bg by 50 mg/dl).

First, divide the bg elevation by the HCF: (250 - 100) mg/dl / 50 mg/dl-u =
150 u / 50 = 3 u -- The bg elevation would normally require 3 u of bolus.

Then, divide that result by the number of hours over which the bg went
up: 3 u / 8 hrs = 0.375 u/hr, which I'll round up to 0.4 u/hr -- I'll
increase my basal from 1.0 u/hr to 1.4 u/hr and I'll check my bg every
2-4 hours over the next 8 hours to be sure.

Of course, YMMV, but I use this kind of calculation routinely and it
helps me keep my basal attuned to my body's needs.

regards, Andy
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