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[IP] Forgot My Meter

Just a note to stress the importance of knowing what your temp basal rate
setting should be while exercising.
I do allot and I do mean allot of hiking in the White Mountains of New
Hampshire. I am doing what is called peak bagging.
I am trying to hike all of the 4,000 footers in New England before I can no
longer do such activities. Now certainly it won't be from diabetes because
the cure is almost here but from old age.
I usually have everything laid out the night before and double check in the
morning to make sure I have everything.
Well long story short, 3 hours into the ascent go to look for meter and to
my surprise not in my pack. I left it on top of the car at the trail head
parking lot. I decided to continue on and left my temp basal rate right
where I started with. Came back to the car 8 hours later from the start and
found it sitting on top of the car. Did a quick test and found it to be at
82. Not bad considering not knowing what the levels of my blood sugar were
during the course of the day.

On another note, a while back there was a post from some lady that said her
pump set the alarm off at Walmart that created allot of controversy on the
list. Well guess what, mine did for the first time in a Walmart that I
frequent quite often.
At first I thought maybe one of my boys had grabbed something that I didn't
see or pay for. But after having them walk back through the detector they
were clean. So I handed my bag to the crack security man and walked
through, alarm goes off again. I then quickly handed my pump to my oldest
son and walked through and no alarm. He then walked through with the pump
in his hand and alarm sounded. Went back the following day and nothing
happened, Go figure huh.

One more thing the new batteries from Eveready called e2 are the best I
have found yet. I got 6 weeks from my first one!

Mike Chambers
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