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Re: [IP] New Insulin in New Reservoirs

Subject: From: "Mark Haywood" <email @ redacted>
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 23:03:35 -0500
>>You are already running a risk by prefilling 6 plastic
cartridges.  The
plastic cartridges will degrade the insulin if left in them
for to long.<<

Would you please provide the reference source for your
This was old information in 1988, published in Diabetes Care
(ADA). IV insulin was discouraged because of this same
issue, however, later (1990) clinical information indicated
that once the binding sites are saturated, no more
saturation takes place and IV insulin titration was the
preferred method for IV use. Fifty ml of insulin solution
was the recommendation for flushing the IV tubing and 30
minutes wait time to allow for saturation was also
recommended.  Once those conditions were met, then adjusting
flow rate to desired BG level was the method for obtaining
BG control. Thus, it did not matter if the insulin was in
plastic or glass, the delivery amount was adjusted to the
BG. It makes sense to me that the same conditions would be
evident when using insulin in plastic syringes. Are the pump
syringes made of PVC, polyolefin, or some other plastic

Is there recent clinical research data to support your
statement? There may well be, but I no longer have daily
access to all medical and technical journals. I have had
some difficulty locating a recent article via internet

Anyone else have a recent (2000-2003) reference?

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
Independent Educator
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