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Re: [IP] Fw: Paradigm upgrade

I'm sorry...I just don't see the issue.  Your warranty applies to when you 
originally bought the pump.  It doesn't matter whether your pump from that 
point forward is used or not, your warranty is in effect just the same.  

If that first pump you received had been problem-free, then the warranty would 
expire EXACTLY the same time as if you went through 10 511 pumps.  There is 
nothing wrong or bad about this.  I mean, let's say your first pump didn't die 
 until 1 month before the warranty expired. No company anywhere would then give
you a new or used product with a FULLY new warranty.  The warranty terms 
applies to first purchase date at all times. 

In automotive terms, vehicles experience recalls all the time, and repairs 
under warranty.  You will notice that your warranty does NOT increase just 
because you had a recall or a repair under warranty.  I don't know of any 
company that would do that, including any pump company.


>What you are saying about the upgrade is true, however, In Jan 2003 I bought
>a **new** 511 and I am already on my 4th (that's right -4th) rebuilt because
>of different errors.  I had a discussion with them about that because I felt
>I should get a new 511 since my original did not last but 2 months.
>Meanwhile, my warranty is from the 1st 511 I had.  Next time around, I will
>look at other pumps more closely and get input from you guys.
>Sharon (dx DM 9/00) & Nabs (MM 511 01/03)
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