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[IP] Fw: Paradigm upgrade

One thing to keep in mind...you are not trading in to get a new vehicle...you 
are trading in to get a "used" vehicle.  The upgrade is applied to the 511 to 
make it operate as a 512.  It is not a brand-new 512 pump you are upgrading 
to.  The 511 and 512 pumps are, mechanically speaking, identical pumps.  There 
is only a software upgrade to differentiate them.  So, MM takes a 511 and 
 upgrades the software to the 512 level software to give you all the features of
a 512.

 When you buy a used car, the automakers do not give you a new warranty (though,
SOMETIMES car dealerships will offer you a warranty for a price).


>Another thing that bothers me about the upgrade, MM will not give a new
>warranty with the new pump.  MM goes back to the original purchase date of the
>511.  If MM is upgrading for free, then this would be logical, however. since
>they are charging for the upgrade, it then becomes a trade-in and should be
>full warranty.  This , I think would be no different than trading in an
>automobile, you get a new warranty.
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