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Re: [IP] Medical billing...was MM Billing

Unrelated to MM specifically...how many of you find you have to go through the 
insurance company dance almost monthly?  It seems that there is SOMETHING that 
isn't billed correctly each and every month.  Last year, I had Partnership 
Health insurance, which was great...they covered almost everything, but too 
often the doctor's office, etc., would bill BCBS instead (because Partnership 
Health used to, 2 years earlier, bill through BCBS).  Anyhow, several months 
after a service I'd end up getting a bill...but they never actually billed my 
insurance company.  They would resubmit...and in some cases, they would 
resubmit it again WRONG even though I told them to bill Partnership Health 

When I was on BCBS (which I am again since my employer dropped Partnership 
Health), I would find that BCBS would deny payment about 50% of the time for 
things that they are SUPPOSED to cover.  I would call them, and they would 
say, "Oh, you're right...that should be covered."  It happened so often that I 
finally figured out that the insurance companies will PURPOSELY make mistakes 
and deny coverage in hopes that the person under contract will not notice and 
pay for it themselves, which saves them a lot of money.  I mean, when I call, 
there is no argument that it should have been covered.

 I find a lot of mistakes still originate at the doctor's office, though...where
 they put the wrong diagnosis code, etc. It gets to be so frustrating. I could
make it my full-time job, practically, in handling medical bills!


>I had problems with the MM billing dept and they have just (I got my
>statement on Friday) adjusted my balance to match my EOB.  This has been
>going on since Jan.  Then on Sat. I get another bill from them for my last
>supplies.  This one may or may not be their fault because BCBS of GA said
>they have had some "problems" and I had to fax my papers again a couple of
>weeks ago.  I have met my deductible (who hasn't!) but wasn't given credit
>for that & the EOB they sent to MM was just plain wrong.  With MM track
>record who knows if I will ever get this straight?
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