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RE: [IP] Stability of Lantus

Thanks much Michael. I'm off the Lantus now also but my dog isn't and the
same rules apply to them, variable after variable after variable....:) My
last prescription for the Humalog pens....that insulin is no good either and
I had been planning on using it for the pump...>:(
The pharmacy changed suppliers last spring....just about the time things
went haywire around
our house with diabetes. I bet I'm on the pump because of the local
drugstore instead of the
diabetes....too late now though....I'm not going back to the MDI because
this is so much better.


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 I believe i have gone through the same experience w/Lantus. When i first
started off using Lantus i thought the product was working better then
But after several month i was experiencing highs which the lantus should
taken care of. I also didn't pursue the issue since i was switching over to
using the pump. I've been on the pump for about 2 weeks and everything has
working as expected, at least for now.

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