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Re: [IP] How do I go about fighting the insurance company.

> Remember, that I ended up buying my Animas pump out of pocket?
> I've got my denial letter, and I suppose I should start with that
> document and go through the procedure.  I know I'm not going to be
> with Cigna long, so need to act.
> Any ideas?

File an appeal immediately. When/if it is denied escalate it and file 
another. When/if that is denied, file with the state insurance board 
and file a small claims action for breech of contract. You will get 
your bucks back if you do this. Make sure you have a copy of your 
doctors letter of medical necessity and the prescription for the 

It took 18 months to get Lily's first pump paid for but when it came 
down the the wire, the ins. co. caved in rather than face a lawsuit 
which I threatened after the final appeal but did not have to follow 
up on. What you must do however is leave them enough wiggle room to 
get out gracefully. Our ins. co. at the last minute request some 
additional info (which they already had) and then said "oh yeah, 
based on that we can approve the pump".

Play the game, just play to win no matter what. If you blink, you 
lose. That's what they are counting on.

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