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RE: [IP] Help with basal rate

>When I used a 508 MM I would have the pump set .1 the first half hour
>and 0 the second half hour. This in effect gives you .05 an hour. If
>your basal rate is this low perhaps you can show medical necessity for a
>pump that can be programmed for .05? Or you can mix insulin to lessen
>the strength. Others on the list are more experienced with this than I.
>My doctor and I worked out multiple basals.
>Gail Donohue

Sorry Gail, but that formula just does not work.  That is unless MM 
has drastically redesigned it's pumps to do something other than a 
0.1 delivery.  You MUST program 0.1 and hour (thus one click) and 
then 0.0 the next hour to really have a 0.05 per hour average.    :>)

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