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Re: [IP] Help with basal rate

>I'm hoping some of you "experts" can help me.  I only have 1 basal rate at
>this time.  It's at .1 per hour.  That is as low as my pump will go per hour
>  (Paradim-Minimed). I have been having lots of lows and I think I 
>need to lower
>it again, so....what do I do?  Also, who taught any of you how to do multiple
>basal rates?  Your dr.?  Your pump trainer? A pump nurse? On your own?
>Lynn S.
>"D" 34 years, pumping 10 months and mom to Jesse, age 13, "D" for 8 years,
>looking forward to a pump

Depending on the model of Paradigm, you may have to go to a 0.0 basal 
for an hour to achieve a 0.05 average rate over two hours that the 
Animas pumps can do.

My initial basal rates were worked out by my CDE when I first trained 
and since that time, by me with a little help from:


There are all sorts of tools and information available at the website 
where you subscribed to the List.   Let's all remember to look at ALL 
the things that are available to us through OUR website.


George        :>)
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