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[IP] Re: pumping while under the knife

For my two cataract surgeries, no one suggested taking my pump off but they
did insist on the glucose IV.  Actually the surgery was short and they
really did not give me much so I'm not sure it really impacted me.  My BG
was a little higher than I wanted but I think that was the stress of the
surgery and worrying about going low.  The anesthesiologist asked if I had
lowered my rates and I said no that my BG was high enough and generally very
stable during this time period.  He said seemed to accept that I knew what I
was doing.

The nurse was very confused when she was asking me when I last took all my
meds and for insulin I said - "continuous though my pump."  She said that on
the chart it indicated I took 25 units a day - when did I take it?  I tried
to explain that I take about 14 units over the day at a rate of .5 - .7
units per hour and then additional insulin for carbs but she was still
Then she asked if I did the urine test for pregnancy and I said I had a
hysterectomy.  She said was it bi-lateral?  I said I don't know what that
means but I still have my ovaries and they removed my uterus and cervix.
She still thought a pregnancy test was necessary!  So diabetes and the pump
is not the only thing that some medical staff is not knowledgeable about!
Not being pregnant is one of the few things I am sure of in my life!

Age 45, Type 1 dx 09/19/1973, pumping 4 years
and daughter Melinda, Type 1 - age 19 dx 11/04/2002, MDI
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