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[IP] Re: low all day

Someone already mentioned exercise but what about heat?  I tend to go low on
days that it is warm and or I am outside a lot.

Also I would wait a few days to see what happens before making too many
changes.  Even on the pump I have days of being either too low or too high
without explanation.  There are so many factors that can effect BG that
sometimes it's difficult to determine the cause.  If, after evaluating all
the things I think could have effected my levels (exercise, change in
medicine, weather, stress, new foods, illness, bad site, bad insulin, etc.),
nothing seems apparent, then I just chalk it up to a bad day and hope
tomorrow will be better.  If a few days pass with the same results, then
it's probably time for some changes in basal or carb rations.  Of course
this is just one of the frustrating things about the disease.  My daughter
and I both have "bad" days that we can't explain.  I have to say her bad
days are harder on me than my bad days so I know as a parent how painful it
can be to see you child struggle with diabetes.

Age 45, Type 1 dx 09/19/1973, pumping 4 years
and daughter Melinda, Type 1 - age 19 dx 11/04/2002, MDI
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