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RE: [IP] New Insulin in New Reservoirs

A pharmacist once told me that storing insulin on the door of the
refrigerator is bad for and can damange the insulin.  I guess the
opening and closing of the door constantly shakes the particles.  Not
sure if that is true for Novolo or just the old types.... But something
to think about...

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So, I narrowed my two day's of high's down to the insulin.  I filled a
new reservoir from a new bottle without changing the site and, whalla,
I'm fine. Now I have six reservoirs filled with insulin from the "bad"
bottle of Novolog.  (I open a new bottle and fill 6 reservoirs all at
once and then store them in one of those compartmented pill cases in the
door of the frig.) I seem to remember something from when I was on
Regular & NPH that mixing "bad" insulin with new insulin will corrupt
the new stuff.  So, here's the
question:  Will I be running a risk or ruining the new insulin if I'm
unable to get every little bit of the bad stuff out of the reservoirs
before I refill them from this new bottle?  (Usually I don't empty out
that little bit that's left when I refill a reservoir, but I haven't had
"bad" insulin before.) Thanks for the help. Lee, Age 57, T1 for 32
years, Pumping with a Paradigm for 18 months
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