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Re: [IP] How do I go about fighting the insurance company.

What ever state you are in, you will have a insurance commisioner.  
First thing I would do is  write a letter to the insurance  company, 
stating what was said to you by whoever it was, and your reply.
I wouldn't telephone the company any more, writew and register the 
letter.   This letter you write to the insurance company, ALWAYS put   
cc: Name of Insurance commionier/ and address,  and send  him/her a 
copy.  The cc: always seems to get their attention :)

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> Remember, that I ended up buying my Animas pump out of pocket?
> I've got my denial letter, and I suppose I should start with that 
> document and go through the procedure.  I know I'm not going to be 
> with Cigna long, so need to act.
> Any ideas?
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