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RE: [IP] Re: Stability of Lantus

Thanks Michelle. The problem is not our drugstore but somewhere before they
get it. It's not only the Lantus but the Lantus does seem to be more
susceptible for some reason, or has the bad luck to get stored in a worse
place. My last prescription of Humalog pens is absolutely no good. You're
lucky if it lowers you 20 points per unit....:)...real lucky. It's going


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I have used it for quite some time and once in a while (twice now) have
gotten some bad ones.   (mail order, figure they got hot/frozen) they worked
but not like i expected (had highs)  I have heard that you can see
particles, etc, but if I open another bottle and it works for 2 days, i just
toss the old one, no matter how long it has been open (how new it is to me)

also, i have noticed that after about a month, it is not as consitent for
me....the thirty day rule :)

let's not get THAT topic re started!!

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> For those that have used Lantus, has anyone had trouble with it losing its
> strength quickly or get bad bottles from the pharmacy? Thanks in advance.
> Margo
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