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Re: [IP] low all day

Hi Marilyn,

> He keeps eating and drinking juice and not bolusing for it and still
> runs low. I had him lower his basal by a tenth too. I'm puzzled...
> Any ideas???

Sure. I think his basal's still too high.

My basals are quite variable -- 0.3 u/hr to 2.5 u/hr. Let's remember
that the adjustment your son made, 0.1 u/hr, is only 2.4 u/day, which,
for me, ain't much of a change.

The best way to adjust a basal that's way out of whack is to total up
the carbs ingested to keep the bg from falling, divide by the
carb-to-insulin ratio, and divide by the time.

Let's take an example. Let's say I ate 30 g of carb over 4 hours
without any bolus and my bg has remained stable at 60 mg/dl. Also,
let's say my basal is currently 1.0 u/hr and I normally need 1 u for
every 15 g of carb.

First, divide the carbs ingested by the carb-to-insulin ratio:
30 g / 15 g/u = 2 u -- The carb I ate would normally require 2 u of bolus.

2 u / 4 hrs = 0.5 u/hr -- The basal adjustment is 0.5 u/hr, so
I'll reduce my basal from 1.0 u/hr to 0.5 u/hr and I'll check my bg
every 2-4 hours over the next 8 hours to be sure.

Of course, YMMV, but I use this kind of calculation routinely and it
helps me keep my basal attuned to my body's needs.

regards, Andy
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