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[IP] The Blame Game...

We ALL need to watch that we don't fall into the blame game.  Which the 
"too low" thread started going towards.

You guys know what I mean.  Your blood sugars are too high, you go to 
your doctor for help and they start accusing you of not exercising, not 
eating right, etc.  The minute they put it ON the patient, they take it 
OFF themselves and then they don't have to help.

The worst blame game is society's lately on diabetes and obesity.  
Yeah, I'm overweight, and one of the reasons I went to the pump.  I 
want to change that.  Even my great pump trainer sleeps into it 
occasionally -- don't eat as much fat.  Funny, my logs don't show fat.  
How does she know what I eat?  It just shows calories, protein, carbs, 
and fiber.  Yeah, I suppose her software might show the missing link, 
but that's not the point.  Isn't the point fitting the pump to fit the 

My husband even ran into that this summer.  He had to get a colonscopy 
because he was bleeding, and before the gastro doctor knew a thing 
about him, the doctor said he wasn't eating enough fiber.  How did he 
know that?  In fact, my husband eats a much healthier diet than most 
people we know, as we have been getting our food from a service.  He's 
skinny and does a 26 mile bike ride a couple of times a week.  And a 
lot of shorter ones. The doctor repeated that after the exam.  Wouldn't 
it have been smarter to find out how much fiber my husband was getting 
and then figuring if that was the cause?  Come to find out, my husband 
was tossing out a lot of the fruit -- easy solution, we had the service 
add vegatables.  But he was still getting quite a bit of fiber, more 
than most people his age and lifestyle (man is a programmer, chess 
master, and a poker player).  <sigh>  But at least nothing serious was 

I "clicker train" dogs, and the biggest philosophy behind clicker 
training, is to fix the behavior, and don't worry about the causes.  It 
makes life so much easier, if you just deal with the existing behavior 
and fix it.
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