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Re: [IP] low all day

I think Michael is right on track with the changing of basals, due to both
or one of the following reasons, growth hormone rate changes or the loss of

You have to remember we are now at the year 2003 and we are now using
insulin pumps. Todays diabetic teenages has no reason to lie about their
blood sugar. If they want to eat a chocolate bar, they count the carbs and
bolus appropriatly. I think some people in refering to their pasts of lying
about low sugars are not taking this into concideration. Remember when we
were young and diabetic the rules were wayyyyyyyy different, I went 20 years
before I had a chocolate bar because of the rules, and OMG Ben & Jerrys!!!!
OMGGGGGGG I never knew such ice cream existed lol. sorry, off topic there.
Have a great day!
Hope your son figures it all out
Tami in Tucson
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