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Re: [IP] Re: low all day

In a message dated 8/23/2003 6:14:40 PM Alaskan Daylight Time, email @ redacted 
> No, he really is testing.  He was with me all day and I saw that he was low 
> and not feeling good all day.  He's a conservative young man.  Hates 
> drinking, 
> smoking, etc.  He recently lost a lot of weight, exercises, and has become 
> extremely health conscious. He checks his sugars a lot and his last A1C was 
> the
> best in years.  What more could a mother ask for?!  LOL
>    Marilyn

Hmm, with the above thoughts in mind, I would suggest doing some basal 
 evaluations/tests. If he has increased his amount of exercise, lost weight and
closely watching his meals, PLUS, like someone else mentioned, approaching 
 adulthood which would mean the hormones could be setteling down, ......all this
makes me think that it may be time to adjust the basals down a little. I know 
that you said you had moved them down, .1, but manybe another .1 is called for?
Not a doc, just a suggestion. I know, being female, have to adjust the basals 
on a monthly basis according to different stages of the Aunt Flo.

I do know, that I did have to adjust my basals down some, when I decided to 
knock snack foods from my daily diet. Though I like those snacks, I no longer 
truly "need" them due to being on the pump. Now, they are treats only.

Hope this helps some, 
Tina H.
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