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Re: [IP] paradigm 511 upgrades.

Somehow I missed the original message.  Can someone send it to me or tell me
what this is about?  I have been trying to get my "upgrade" for a year and a
half now.  I have been yanked around about this in so many ways it's

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Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2003 1:41 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] paradigm 511 upgrades.

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> I will let you add me.  I was under the impression that this would be a
> upgrade if you wanted to take advantage of it.  There was no mention of
> money involved.  I was told that you just had to turn in your current pump
> and then they would send you a pump with all the upgrades.  I really want
> that .05 increment.  They can keep the BD monitor I have one that works
> fine.
> In the past when you purchase an upgrade for software it only costs $89 or
> there abouts (of course when I worked in the computer industry it was
> 9 yrs ago so times have probably changed).  Also when I talked to the MM
> he said that the software that they are going to release would cost an
> additional amount it would not be included with the pathway program. He
> not sure but that is how he understood his information.  The pathway
> is only for the pump upgrades.   Now remember I could be wrong about this
> because I do not work for MM I only use one.  And my interpretation of
> he said could be wrong.
> > As it stand today we have 9 that have joined in to raise the issue of
> > so called "paradigm
> > upgrade".
> >
> > I have filed all of the replies and am looking for anyone else who would
> > like to join.
> >
> > I spoke with my CDE who specifically recalls the upgrades would happen
> > no cost. She attended
> > a conference this past week, spoke with other CDE's who recall
> > that MM would
> > do the upgrade.
> >
> > I have sent e-mail to my Rep regarding this issue, no reply as yet.
> >
> >
> > I would like to give MM some time to reply before going to the Mass.
> > General or Secretary of
> > State. Lately they have been very successful and more than willing to
> > prosecute companies
> > that engage in deceptive practices.
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