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Re: [IP] paradigm 511 upgrades.

I will let you add me.  I was under the impression that this would be a free
upgrade if you wanted to take advantage of it.  There was no mention of
money involved.  I was told that you just had to turn in your current pump
and then they would send you a pump with all the upgrades.  I really want
that .05 increment.  They can keep the BD monitor I have one that works just

In the past when you purchase an upgrade for software it only costs $89 or
there abouts (of course when I worked in the computer industry it was about
9 yrs ago so times have probably changed).  Also when I talked to the MM rep
he said that the software that they are going to release would cost an
additional amount it would not be included with the pathway program. He was
not sure but that is how he understood his information.  The pathway program
is only for the pump upgrades.   Now remember I could be wrong about this
because I do not work for MM I only use one.  And my interpretation of what
he said could be wrong.


> As it stand today we have 9 that have joined in to raise the issue of the
> so called "paradigm
> upgrade".
> I have filed all of the replies and am looking for anyone else who would
> like to join.
> I spoke with my CDE who specifically recalls the upgrades would happen at
> no cost. She attended
> a conference this past week, spoke with other CDE's who recall specifically
> that MM would
> do the upgrade.
> I have sent e-mail to my Rep regarding this issue, no reply as yet.
> I would like to give MM some time to reply before going to the Mass. Atty
> General or Secretary of
> State. Lately they have been very successful and more than willing to
> prosecute companies
> that engage in deceptive practices.
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