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RE: [IP] MM Billing

Has anyone had trouble with the MiniMed billing dept.?

I too had problems that took some time to get straighten out with
billing when I bought my 508 in 10/00. Major problem was the billing
between BCBS of California and New Jersey and having them correctly bill
me for my responsibilities on the pump and supplies from the first
order. I was lucky and figured out before the next three month supply
was due that I could go through my RX plan for supplies. This helped any
further confusion on what I owed or did not own. 

It did take about a year to get it all straight and I found that
speaking to the same person each time at MM helpful to help follow
through with billing. I also got my insurance carrier to send me a EOB
that clearly stated contracted price of supplies and pump and show my
costs. Once this was forwarded to MM billing an adjustment was made and
I received a check back from MM because I had overpaid on the monthly
plan. The person at MM billing worked as hard as I to take care of the
problem as soon as possible. My understanding is that MM has to go
through Calif BCBS and they often have different rates of contract then
the other states. Calif BCBS also does not know if you have met a
deducible on your out of state policy that can also change the amount
owed to MM.

Keep on top of it.

Gail Donohue 
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