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[IP] pumping while under the knife

good for you for putting your foot down....I have had two vitrectomies and a 
laparotomy with my pump....the first vitrectomy and the laparotomy were tough 
fights (details of which are posted here in living color - see the archives), 
but the last vitrectomy was awesome...my doctor-who-is-god in NYC was cool 
with it...i talked to the anesthesiaologuirist (sp) who was fine...she worked 
 with my retina guy a lot and so had done pumpers before.....it was the freaking
pre-certification doctor who did not want me to stay on the pump...and GET 
 this...HE IS A TYPE I DIABETIC...what an idiot....I told him so, and told him
re-write the letter (the one he gave me, recommended i go off the pump), which 
he did...

Vitrectomies "nowadays" are like a walk in the park....First one, i had to 
 stay over night, was bandaged totally in both eyes for 48 hours, then a patch
that eye for a week and then slept with a guard on for 2 weeks, my eye looked 
like something the cat dragged in for 4 weeks...that was 1994...For the one 
in 2000, I was in and out in about 4 hours!  I had a patch just on that eye 
 afterwards, which i wore out the door to go home an hour after the surgery,
it off the next day and healed much better...in fact i went out on a blind 
date (no pun intended) 2 weeks later, i was looking so good!  But then, as I 
 said, my doctor IS god.....I have a new one here in Tucson, but i tell you
if I ever need eye surgery again, I will fly back to NYC...

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