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[IP] gushers for christina

Hey Christina

don't worry - they happen...sometimes more often to some than others.....I 
 also use the comfort/tender/silhouette. I leave both tapes on - first I loosen
all four little wings, then insert the needle, then remove front tape, smooth 
it down, then remve back tape and smooth it down, THEN take out needle...In 
 the early days of the tender you used to have to remove the paper first and
the front end of the tape up while you inserted...if you forgot and left the 
tape on, you were up a creekl, cuz the paper was not split in two pieces like 
it is now....It was one piece....It is like taking your underwear off without 
taking your pants off...impossible!!

As for the gusher, I have had two major gushers in 10 1/2 years of pumping - 
see the archives for the full story - suffice it to say that both were 
 frightening as all hell.....scared the piss out of a roommate once - he thought
i was
Carrie after the prom.....

i wonder if perhaps you are real thin?  perhaps you are up against bone or 
muscle and that is causing kinks?  try inserting at a SUPER shallow 
 angle....like just under the skn. I am not thin by any stretch of the
imagination, but I
do them real shallow cuz it seems to work best for me.

Just gotta experiment, as i am sure you know...but honestly don't worry about 
the gushers....pumping blood just means you are still alive, right?  and it 
is an excuse to go buy new underwear...as IF we need excuses to go shopping!!

good luck

Sara Smarty Pants
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